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kidrauhlbunch-deactivated201311 wondered:
and do you know how to put like your edits on a separate page on your blog ? because I don't know how to do it :\

1. you post your edit, tag “edit” or whatever you want. you do that to every single one of your edits..

2. go to your blog>customize theme> go down to where you put your links (example: link 1, link 2, link 3, etc..)


4. title it edits or whatever you want..

5. voila


if you want to make a navigation page , when you go there and click “edits” it’ll take you to your edits follow THIS tutorial. thats for the 100 favorite pictures of justin, but it’s the same thing just replace everything that has to do with 100 favorite pictures of justin to edits :)

sorry that this is bad explaining, i have to do something, so i am in a hurry.

if you have any more trouble, just ask :)

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originally from pscs5resources.

1256ams wondered:
okay i emailed you!

I got it, you weren’t using the right brush :P

click the thing that looks like a pencil (pencil tool) for you, if you can’t find it, look under that thing that looks like a band-aid, when you find the pencil/pencil tool, put your mouse over it, right click and then click brush tool (:

now, it’ll work 100% :)

shared 2 years ago on June/25/2012.

1256ams wondered:
in the cartoon thing tutorial, i'm using the same picture you are & following along with the video, but when i click the top color thing and then use the brush over the selected magnetic lasso spot thing, nothing happens... i'm sorry if you have no idea what i mean lol i could take a video thing & send it to u if that'd be easier?

did your magnetic lasso tool connect like mine was when i was done lassoing the part you wanted to make cartoonish?

& also, did you add a psd? if you did, don’t. add it after, i never did a psd on one of those & idk if you have too, but if you did put a psd, take it off.

If one of those 2 aren’t the solution, tell me & then send me a video, cos i think what is happening to you happened to me a lot of times, so send it to me over iamatruebelieberr@gmail.com ♥

shared 2 years ago on June/24/2012.

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How to download fonts onto photoshop without winrar.. (not a video)

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How to make a gif with photoshop cs5.. (it is the same with cs6)

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